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Self Defense Prayers


The following are prayers that have emerged from my needs to defend from all sort of spiritual attacks throughout the years. We all have to defend ourselves from these attacks from time to time, know it or not. This is nothing new really, this is just the way I’ve found to methodically defend myself every day. As so, they are meant to be general guidelines instead of memorized prayers; it’s more important you understand the meaning and intent of the words than the exact wording. It’s also vital for you to trust as much as possible in your prayer. So be free to adapt them to your needs and to what you are guided by Him. That said, repetition over time made me streamline the prayers to t he least amount of meaningful words in non ambiguous manner. Comments about the meaning of the words, their usage and their order are also given bellow, sometimes between [brackets]. All starts with the authority in the Messianic. Some key parts are also highlighted. “(X)” means that this line may be repeated several times until the the prayer takes the desired effect.


“Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

And yourfeet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace;

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints;”

Ephesians 6:11-18 just nails it and get’s you in the right mood to resist evil. Every moral quality is indeed an armour for our soul, as each sin is a weak spot. The more you build up these qualities the more impervious for the attacks you do get. This is your passive defense. I pray these verses every every morning as the day starts. As for the sword of the Spirit, see bellow:


“Jesus help me! (X)”

Simple, quick and and effective, it’s meant for a reaction prayer in times when it’s just too chaotic to think or in imminent danger. Other than a life safer, it’s meant to buy time for a more directed prayer effort for the situation. From a fight in your household, to a car accident, to a demon attack, this is an automatic reaction to get you on your feet out of danger.


“Yeshua, break forever all spells and hexes affecting my house in any way and return them to their sources a thousand fold(X)” (Whenever you feels under oppression in your home psychically. These can be mental or emotional states that start our thinking in a downward spiral that we start to then give energy to. DB)

This is my first prayer in the effort to resist psychic attack. I have to do it every morning. As satanists attack us, their evil magic tends to pile up over us over time as we commit mistakes and open windows to the attacks to stick on us with some permanence. This clears the bulk of it and gives us some breathing room for proceeding with the defense. I also always include my house, as biblicly defined as our household, property and closest relationships as seen by God. This is specially important as the least aware members of our house tend to just accumulate the after effects of attack after attack to the point where bad habits just accumulate and an emotional breakdown occurs. This also has a counter-offensive effect of giving the satanists a righteous retaliation to their attack. A thousand fold is arbitrary; it is good enough for a painful lesson. For some witches this might be enough to make them hesitate to attack you again. Many just never learn, wich leads us to the next prayer almost always.


“Yeshua, against all the demons influencing my house, all the people attacking it and plotting against it and their related demons, until judgment day:

Rebuke, Bind and Banish them to the dry places! (X)”

This is my main battle prayer. I always think of this prayer like spotting and calling an artillery strike against the enemy. It starts with a target and duration statement, and them proceeds to the commands with the authority of Christ. You can change the target to whomever you want deal with offensively in a Lawfull way. I include the evil people plotting against you because not everybody may be on the act at the moment, so this pretty much gets the entire team asigned to deal with you at the moment.

“Rebuke” stops whatever the demons and satanists are doing and negates the magical effects; it also evicts demonic hitchhikers from you, your house and the offending party and keeps them away from you; “Bind” goes a step beyond, disempowering the satanists and their demons in a permanent manner from their satanic powersfor the stated duration, making them useless for the demonic Hierarchy. Finally, “Banish” sends them to somewhere else, where they can no longer bother humans, for the stated duration; the dry places being their most dreaded destination, the fiery caverns deep bellow earth where their kind is usually kept.

Notice that you cannot banish human satanists, this particular command will only apply to the demons, but the other commands will leave the satanists pretty powerless, often in a state of chock. The commanded effects may be subject to alterations as God Law dictates, but this will be automatically adjusted by Him, so I just let Him sort them out and spam the command for maximal effect against the viable targets. This usually levels the field for the moment. But since they always come back for more, this leads us to the next prayer. (Precisely. DB)


“YHVH, against all the people attacking my house and plotting against it:

Bring Judgment against them, their houses and their covens (X);

Break their arms for evil forever;

That all the evil they did hidden be exposed unequivocally;

That all the spells and hexes that favour them be broken forever;

That all the evil they did return back to them a thousand fold!”

Since satanists act in groups and only understand power, dealing with the isolated attacks is usually not enough. Since they will come back for revenge, why not give them something else to deal with in the meantime? You didn’t ask them to come mess with you, so give them a taste of the law of unintended consequences and get them busy suffering the karma of their multitude of crimes. With this prayer, all things are possible as seen fit by His wisdom and appointed times, but the result is often that their lives become such a mess that given enough time they will just drop dead. It sets the clock either for their repentance or for their ultimate demise. Throwing the shit in the fan over their houses and covens does the same in a larger scale and also gives the poor souls under their influence a chance to break free. You are making the world a favor.


“Yeshua, seal this place, from the foundations of earth to the firmament of heaven, that no demon may ever enter it and that it be unbearable to them forever.” (Most important part in our time.)

You are essentially making your place holy ground. Here I assume you are not in satanic ritual place. If so, see below. No demon may enter your place without feeling it burn. Demon possessed people will get panic attacks inside its boundaries, as their wisperers become frenzied screamers inside their heads, and will avoid it the most. Those network agents will no longer have a free pass inside your home when you are out. Hitchhikers will stay outside waiting for their host to come out. Be advised that people carrying demonic hitchhikers, like the least aware members of the household may become emotionally unstable as their hitchkikers kick and scream as they are bound to a person inside the sealed place. If so, with love and patience, continuously deliver them from their hitchikers, otherwise you risk living in a madhouse. It will worth the pain and prompt people to improve their lives for the better anyway. For more guidance about how to do deliverance see Don’s articles: https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2021/12/understanding-deliverance-ministry-2.html https://ourspiritualworld.blogspot.com/2021/12/understanding-deliverance-ministry.html

It’s essentially what is already being taught in these prayers, but the article shows more in depth information. Anointing with oil can also be a technique used to support the sealing of a place, see:



“Yeshua, destroy permanently all evil secret technology within my house: all nanotechnology, all biotechnology, all implants and all surveillance technology (X)”

If you are a targeted individual by the Network, odds are they have already tagged you with microchip implants, delivered covertly either by shooting micro darts, from concealed devices in cellphones or glass, or by casual touch by one of their covert assets in your life. These are tracking, audio, video, poison or psychotronic attack devices. In certain sense we are all exposed to this technology now, either by the weaponized “vax” shots or by whatever mean the military D.U.M.Bs devise to put their evil technology in our air, water, food, pharma and hygiene. If they hate you enough they will also place electronic bugs in your home. This gets rid of the problem from time to time.


“Yeshua, hide me from all surveillance as I go out in the world” (Make seeing eyes blind as I walk in your way, Father. DB)

They seek a way to track you anyway if you don’t carry a smart device, but at least make it a harder effort for them to follow you around. It may save you at critical moments.


If you are a power player, that might not be enough in your quest for utter dominance and Lawful desolation of the offending party. Therefore one final act of absolute punishment remains to be done against your enemy, all in the best intentions of setting you and the world free from their evil grasp, of course. Satanists come and go, and most are relatively disposable to their Hierarchy, but demonic portals are lasting. Be advised this one will make them scream obscenities, break room furniture and do acts of random violence. Off course they will want you dead in the most horrible way, but if you have come so far reading this the odds are that you have nothing really to lose. Satanists have to do their evil works using demonic portals. Almost everything they do is through a demonic portal; they probably cannot even have bowel movements without an active demonic portal, so possessed they are. This is also true for their offensive black magick, so if you seal the portal they are using against you, they are done. No more new attacks from there. This can even be done in the midst of an attack. You just pull out their power plug and they now have to leave the sealed place in a rush. With no coming back, be it a witches circle in a grove, a grotto,a masonic lodge, a mansion or a D.U.M.B.. Anyone under demonic attack should at least consider sealing the closest demonic portals to their places. I often pray for sealing all the portals used to attack my house within some time period (for instance in the last hour, in the last night, etc). This is a whole subject on it’s own, so I leave it to you to read Don’s tutorial about finding, closing and sealing portals bellow. You don’t really have to go the place or even know it’s exact location: knowing that it exists and trusting the prayer is enough. Be advised that some heavy attacks may involve multiple portals from multiple locations at once, and that some portals may require more instense work to seal than others.



In conclusion, the Heavens are the limits when working with Dad. But as for all most things from Him, you have to ask it first. Ask Him that he delivers from all the evil above.


from $ ./NWO.

sars cov2 cannot be sequenced.


I'm thrilled to announce the first public launching of Stefan Lanka's work. His findings, along with the work of an independent mathematician prove that the original SARS-COV-2 genome cannot be sequenced. You can read it here: https://bit.ly/3rqoDd0

[1]. https://www.dailymessenger.is/pdf/structural_analysis_of_sequence_data_in_virology.pdf

[2]. https://www.dailymessenger.is/pdf/_structural_analysis_of_sequence_data_in_virology_tables_and_figures.pdf


from $ ./NWO.




why you dont do self driving cars..

years and years ago when i first caught wind of google testing these things, i figured they were going to really screw up something as simple as driving on the freeway.

lo behold they test them inside city limits first, which is FAR more complicated programming wise, and not only that, but probably because the NTSB would never greenlight this crap for the freeway until it could handle city streets.

but ill tell you what they testing it in san francisco and driving there is like playing a game of interactive frogger, but you of course dont hit any of the frogs.

i mean literally, when you drive there i lived in the downtown area for five years, right?

it's like every single intersection is ridiculous, and people are constantly coming out of all orifice, you would almost seem to think they're even crawling out of the rain gutters for as many people are coming from all angles as you try to manuever a car about up there.

so it's no surprise the darn things are literally getting stuck in the middle of the street, right before intersections and just “parking” there with their blinkers on.

its almost as if the software cant handle and wasnt programmed for the entropy, and just glitches out.

expect this to go nowhere for a number of years, likely. its probably too hard to be done, and AI is not programmed by very intelligent people, so who knows...

they may be book smart, but if they greenlit this already (the bosses) then either someone wanted money too soon, or its just — eh read the articles.. its pretty ridiculous.


from pintarenas

Pinturas online

Ponte en las manos más expertas de este sector en internet. En esta tienda de pinturas online tienes todo lo relacionado con la pintura que puedes necesitar para dar otro toque a cualquier rincón de tu hogar. En lo relativo a pinturas de madera, aquí tienes toda la información que buscas para que des con las pinturas para madera que mejor te van a resultar. Es recomendable que accedas a esta página web totalmente especializada en la venta de pinturas online. Confía en auténticos especialistas como tienda de pinturas. Verás que la atención es excelente como atestiguan muchos de sus clientes. Si quieres saber más sobre cual es la pintura madera exterior que debes aplicar entra en este post en el que te hablan tanto de pintura para madera exterior como de pintura para madera interior. A la hora de comprar pintura online, debes acudir a esta página en primer lugar. Se trata de un lugar donde te atenderán auténticos especialistas con una gran experiencia en el sector de las pinturas. No lo dudes y si tienes cualquier consulta puedes ponerte en contacto a través de esta web, verás como te asesoran de manera totalmente personalizada. Si te apetece darle otra cara a alguna habitación o a toda tu vivienda, con estas pinturas y accesorios podrás realizar el proyecto que tienes en mente. Si quieres comprar pinturas online desde aquí te recomendamos que antes accedas a esta página web en la que te darán todas las facilidades posibles.

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Disfruta de tu viaje con todas las comodidades en el Hotel Madrid Río, a orillas del río Manzanares junto a la reformada zona verde de Madrid Río y el Centro Comercial Plaza Río 2, con la mejor oferta de ocio y Shopping. Conoce los secretos y encantos de la capital de España mientas te relajas en nuestro hotel, ubicado a escasos 500 m de Matadero Madrid, uno de los epicentros culturales de la capital, y muy cerca también del estadio multiusos Caja Mágica.

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from verticalmallo

Impermeabilizaciones mallorca

En todo lo que tenga que ver con la impermeabilización de tejados mallorca, te recomendamos que entres aquí: impermeabilización de tejados palma. Sin duda son los mayores expertos en impermeabilizaciones palma mallorca. No solo nos encargamos de trabajos con estructura altas en los edificios, también realizamos de toda clase de poda de árboles de más de 10 metros. Somos la empresa de trabajos verticales con mejor opinión de parte de nuestros clientes y con servicio de rehabilitacion de fachadas. Si tienes cualquier tipo de duda acerca de cómo hacer la mejor impermeabilización de cubiertas te recomendamos esta página web. En lo que respecta a impermeabilizaciones mallorca, te recomendamos que preguntes aquí. Para una mayor información puedes visitar nuestra web o llamarnos por teléfono, en caso de no poder atenderte déjanos un mensaje y te devolveremos la llamada. En lo relativo a arreglo de tejados y rehabilitacion de tejados esta empresa está totalmente especializada. ¿Necesitas ayuda con la impermeabilización de terrazas? Esta empresa te pone muy fácil el conseguir un resultado impecable. En esta web te vas a encontrar una empresa dedicada a trabajos verticales en mallorca, somos especialistas en este sector, y eso se nota en cómo te ayudamos a encontrar lo que realmente necesitas aquí. A la hora de elegir una empresa especializada en impermeabilizaciones de tejados, esta es la mejor valorada. Visita nuestra web para saber más sobre rehabilitacion fachadas mallorca: restauracion de fachadas en mallorca a buen precio. En este sitio web, te asesoramos para que des con los técnicos que realmente se adapta a tus necesidades reales, no hace falta que siempre contrastes el servicio más caro sino el que mejor se adapta a tu negocio. En este lugar se ocupan de todo lo que tiene que ver con la impermeabilización de terrazas mallorca. Y es que dejarse guiar por expertos en impermeabilización de terrazas palma te permitirá despreocuparte.

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Cajas personalizadas para sushi

Be Your Packer es una nueva plataforma en la que podrás diseñar de manera online todo lo que tiene que ver con el packaging de tu negocio o emprendimiento. Y hay que tener en cuenta que cualquiera de los diseños preexistentes que tienes disponibles en la web y darles tu toque personal. En este lugar puedes empezar desde un diseño de cero o partir de las plantillas profesionales. De este modo puedes elegir si darle un diseño 100% original o en el caso de no tener grandes conocimientos en diseño, dejarte guiar por modelos atractivos y perfectamente diseñados. Las cajas personalizadas para joyería son uno de los productos más demandados y mejor valorados, ya que son realmente ideales para presentar cualquier pieza. A la hora de buscar un sitio web en el que te ofrezcan la posibilidad de diseñar cajas personalizadas, Be your Packer es el sitio referente en español, con un potentísimo editor online muy intuitivo en el que cambiar tipografías, imágenes, fondos y colores de forma que es coser y cantar el diseñar un packaging de primer nivel que sorprenderá a tus clientes por su profesionalidad, acabados y aspecto. Sin duda, será un salto de calidad enorme en la forma de presentar tus productos. Hay que tener en cuenta que además de poder hacerte con un packaging moderno y con un diseño a la última los materiales que se utilizan son sostenibles, reciclables y biodegradables. Este es un punto muy importante en todo el proceso y es que tus clientes se darán cuenta que a ti también te preocupa el medio ambiente de nuestro planeta, algo que cada vez se valora más. Te recomendamos, si estás buscando un proveedor de packaging, que eches un vistazo a esta página web. Será la mejor forma de conocer todas las maneras de empaquetar tus productos de una manera atractiva y que llamará la atención de tus clientes. Y ante cualquier duda siempre tendrás un servicio de atención al cliente encantados de resolver las cuestiones que planteas de una forma cercana e individualizada. Aquí tienes más información: cajas personalizadas para sushi

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from xemdagatructiep

Xem Đá gà trực tiếp THOMO Nếu là dân mê đá gà thì chẳng anh em nào mà không biết tới các sới đá gà thomo nổi tiếng. Ở xem đá gà trực tiếp của mình chính là đơn vị phát live đá gà trực tiếp thomo cho anh em mỗi ngày.

Trên mạng hiện tại anh em có thể dễ dàng tìm được các trang phát live đá gà trực tiếp không giật lác khác như: , đá gà uw88vnd.com, xem đá gà m8winwin, daga.live

Nếu anh em muốn theo dõi xemdagatructiep sẽ có hai hình thức cho bạn lựa chọn, cụ thể:

– Đến trực tiếp trường gà thomo tại Campuchia, Philippines, Thái Lan ( trường hợp này ae sợt google maps là được nhé qua của khẩu mộc bài là gần tới rồi)

– Hoặc Theo dõi online các trận đấu hấp dẫn thông qua website Xem da ga truc tiep . Bạn có thể hình dung giống như xem bóng đá ngoại hạng anh trực tiếp trên tivi vậy. Vừa tiện lợi và đặc biệt là cam đoan an toàn cho anh em xem, ko phạm pháp hay phạm luật gì.

Ở Việt Nam mình đá gà là bị cấm dù là xem đá gà cũng là bị cấm , chứ không nói đến việc cá độ khi tham gia các trận đá gà. Nhưng ở trường gà thomo thì không anh em nhé nó là hợp pháp tại campuchia.

Anh em nếu muốn kích thích thì tới trường gà thomo chơi , còn với anh em nào lười nhưng vẫn muốn coi cho đỡ nghiện thì tại xem dagatructiep coi là đúng bài rồi. Vừa an toàn vừa không phải đi đâu không phạm luật gì cả thích coi lúc nào cũng được mình có lưu trữ video cho anh em mà

Xem da ga truc tiep – Xem đá gà trực tiếp, xem giải trí. Chia sẻ kiến thức nuôi gà. Địa chỉ: 184 đường Hà Huy Giáp, phường Thạnh Xuân, quận 12 Email: dagaxemtructiep@gmail.com Hotline:0793674203

website : https://xemdagatructiep.com/


#xemdagatructiep #dagatructiep


from gmediaes

Agencia social media

El diseño web es una disciplina que permite no solo crear páginas web atractivas y vistosas; también hace que esos websites puedan verse correctamente en cualquier dispositivo. Si necesitas una agencia seo, estas tan solo a un click de contratar nuestros servicios. Rellena nuestro formulario y te enseñamos nuestra forma de conseguirlo. Encontrar, de entre todas las empresas de diseño web que existen, una que te asesore de manera personalizada para maximizar los resultados, es algo fundamental para que tu proyecto crezca exponencialmente. Cuando busques una Agencia social media barcelona debes primero informarte de cuales son las mejores. Esta agencia marketing online barcelona es una de las que mejores resultados puede mostrarte. Confía en una agencia de marketing digital con dilatada experiencia. Descubre en esta dirección la agencia marketing digital de la que todos hablan en la actualidad, especializados en el mejor diseño de paginas web, para que así tu negocio tenga un escaparate virtual que convierta y que sea fundamental dentro de tu estrategia empresarial. En gmedia nos encargamos de que tengas tu lugar en internet. Realizamos de toda clase de campañas de marketing digital para ajustarnos a tus necesidades reales. En todo lo que concierne al desarrollo web, debes contar con auténticos profesionales. Esta agencia marketing digital barcelona se asegura de que tu estrategia de contenidos seo sea excelente y la gran ventaja de esto es que conseguirás tráfico orgánico de clientes potenciales. Puedes confiar en esta agencia SEO para mejorar tu posicionamiento orgánico en internet. Es la mejor manera de ir mejorando las visitas orgánicas de personas que realmente nos están buscando ahora mismo. Si estás buscando un social media manager que se pueda encargar de todas tus redes sociales, entra ahora en este lugar. Actualmente se ha puesto muy de moda que las empresas busquen tener un buen posicionamiento web seo, para aparecer en las pioneras posiciones de tu navegador y así tengas mas visibilidad. Esta agencia social media facilita mucho la interacción entre el cliente y los profesionales social media que lo integran. De este modo se consigue un excelente resultado. Colaborar con una buena agencia marketing barcelona asegurará que los resultados lleguen de manera orgánica, tanto si estás buscando posicionamiento seo barcelona tanto como si te proponen publicidad online. A la hora de llevar a cabo el desarrollo de paginas web, no hay que olvidar aspectos técnicos como el posicionamiento que tendrá en los buscadores. Entre nuestros servicios como agencia seo, también llevamos la gestión de redes sociales y diseño de página web. Como ves en nuestro catálogo de servicios no falta de nada. Los profesionales de esta agencia de redes sociales te ayudarán a mejorar tu presencia en internet, creciendo de forma constante y orgánica y logrando conectar con un público objetivo interesado en tus productos y/o servicios. Te podemos ayudar con el posicionamiento sem, tenemos mucha experiencia en realización de campañas, con unas tasas de retorno excelentes. Si estas buscando una empresa que se encargue de posicionamiento seo, solicita una cita en nuestra sucursal y nuestro comercial te enseñara todo lo que podemos conseguir para ti. En lo concerniente a diseño de páginas web esta empresa te ayudará a conseguir un sitio web para tu negocio que será la envidia de la competencia. Descubre en este post cuales son los principales beneficios redes sociales para cualquier profesional o empresa que quiera ir haciendo crecer su comunidad y audiencia. En esta empresa especializada en marketing digital barcelona te ayudarán a conseguir tus objetivos dentro del ecosistema digital. Descubre en este post los principales beneficios de las redes sociales para empresas.

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from funearmilla

Funerarias granada

Si te apetece conocer las tarifas servicios funerarios más ventajosas lee esto. Servicios de tanatoestética, florales, esquelas, burocracia... Los aspectos que engloba un deceso son muchísimos y por ello conviene ponerse en manos expertas que nos los simplifiquen dentro de lo posible, ya que suelen ser temas complicados de tratar en momentos complicados para los familiares y amigos de los difuntos. Esta funeraria con cuatro décadas en el sector se ocupa de todo lo necesario en tan complicados momentos, para que tú puedas despedirte de tus seres queridos sin más preocupaciones que las que supone el fallecimiento en si. Conoce en este lugar cuales son los precios servicios funerarios más habituales. En este lugar tienes una sección en la que podrás acceder a los precios de las principales funerarias españolas (más info en este lugar: funerarias precios). De este modo podrás conocer cuanto cuesta realizar el sepelio de un fallecido. Te recomendamos visitar esta página web para resolver cualquier duda que te pueda surgir. Vas a ver como el asesoramiento es totalmente personalizado. Visita nuestra web para conocer cual es la funeraria granada más importante y mejor valorada entre todas las funerarias en granada (ver en este lugar todas las funerarias granada que hay). Accede en este lugar a la web de esta empresa funeraria de reconocido prestigio y puedes confiar en profesionales con una enorme experiencia en este sector. Conocer y comparar los diferentes precios funerarias es algo que conviene hacer, ya que puede suponer un ahorro más que considerable para el mismo servicio. Puedes confiar en profesionales con amplia experiencia como lo son estos. En este lugar (servicios funerarios precios) podrás comprobar cuanto cuestan los más destacados servicios para tus difuntos. El precio funeral es algo que suele dar cierto reparo preguntar, pero es algo muy natural. No siempre es necesario realizar un servicio funerario demasiado ostentoso. Esta empresa funeraria granada es sinónimo de distinción y un trato excelente a las familias.

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from internetnuestra

Internet es nuestra

Visita la web internetesnuestra si te apetece conocer más sobre esta iniciativa que apuesta por una red completamente libre de violencias de todo tipo y que sea segura para nuestros hijos y para nosotros mismos. En este lugar descubrirás que la coalición internet es nuestra está compuesta por importantes organizaciones de mucha importancia como son Article19, Derechos Digitales, Luchadoras, R3D (Red en defensa de los derechos digitales), SocialTIC o la Asociación para el progreso de las comunicaciones, movimientos todos ellos de reputado prestigio. Te recomendamos echar un vistazo a este informe, que habla sobre la violencia en línea contra las mujeres en México y que explica en profundidad todo lo que esta problemática representa en la actualidad y también aborda posibles soluciones. ¿Quieres conocer más sobre el movimiento internet es nuestra? Entra en su sitio web oficial y verás como te apetece a colaborar con ellos activamente, ya que sus ideales son los de muchas otras personas en el país.

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from dagatructiephomnay

da ga truc tiep hom nay Theo dõi đá gà trực tiếp hôm nay tại dagatructiephomnay.com, anh em sẽ được hòa mình vào những trận đá gà nảy lửa. Chúng tôi sẽ live trực tiếp các trận C1, đá gà cựa sắt – cựa dao, đá gà Campuchia, đá gà thomo, đá gà philippines mỗi ngày để anh theo dõi. Website: https://dagatructiephomnay.com/


from dagatructiep

Đá gà trực tiếp là một trong những bộ môn được rất nhiều anh em tham gia. Bởi lẽ hình thức đá gà bị xếp vào một loại hình cờ bạc. Vậy người đam mê gà đá làm thế nào để thỏa mãn “cơn khát”, thì DAGABLV.COM là nơi uy tín để theo dõi da ga truc tiep Website: https://dagablv.com/da-ga-truc-tiep/